Here we go again…

So here we go again – another blog! I blogged for 4 years previously at Yes it is, Kevin and I loved it for about 3. I got overwhelmed with blogging, and noticed that it was a lot easier for me to connect with others through video. I started my YouTube channel over three years ago and it is probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I have been able to connect with fellow beauty and fashion lovers all over the world and it really makes daily life so much more enjoyable. In this day and age with all of us attached to our smartphones and instagram, what better way to connect? I have recently missed having a place to write out my thoughts when it comes to beauty and I thought – why not start from scratch? I am still learning at this wordpress thing since I used to be on blogger, but I will hopefully get acquainted with it sooner than later 🙂 I will be posting beauty reviews and favorites, outfit posts and fashion wishlists, and probably some lifestyle things as well. I am looking forward to a fresh new start and hope you will read along with me.  I will be sharing my October Beauty Favorites video today! Have a great day!

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